Friday, September 24, 2010

Feel the Fall

I complained last week of the heat and humidity. Temps were in the 90's, days were swelteringly hot. I hope that is a word, swelteringly, sounds just like the days felt here in my area. The whole summer has been record setting hot here. So I haven't really enjoyed it all that much. Usually our summer consists of very warm, but not so miserable that it's life threatening for weeks at a time. This year was like 7 weeks straight of heat warnings, day and night. Then we had some relief, only for it to come at us again for weeks. Then again last week. Friday morning early, we saw some rain, was damp out, but the temps were tolerable.
Then Saturday, we really felt the relief, as highs only climbed to the mid 70's. The sun was shining bright, so it felt warm, but with the breeze blowing, we enjoyed working outside in it, putting up summer tools and equipment, mowing at pulling track, and then heading to farm to mow there also. I got some grass seed sowed while there, and gazed sadly at my garden, what used to be my garden. It's almost gone. I only have some carrots to dig, and tear down the fencing we put up for tomatoes to grow on, then pull out the last of the tomatoes and green beans. Zucchini has died out. Green peppers are still producing too. But nothing else is left to enjoy.
My hollyhocks are bloomed, some of them. Some won't bloom before frost gets them, for they were planted too late. But they are growing proudly all alone in the space I planted them.
While driving home, I took an interest in watching the tree lines along other farms and creeks, there is definiately fall in the air now, as the trees are starting to turn, grasses are dying, farmers crops are being harvested, and the fields are bare where the early crop is already out.
We slept with the windows open last night, and awoke to a cool house this morning. Steve said it is time for the warm sheets now, (flannel) and I told him not right yet. He suggested I cut the sheets in half and sew them together, and I would have cool sheets while he had the warm sheets. You know, he just might have an idea there, as going thru the change had made my body temperature higher than it used to be. I am thinking of looking into doing just that for the both of us. Doesn't matter if they don't match, the sheets are covered with the comforter when bed is made and that is the first thing I do everyday upon rising. I personally think people lazy who can't make a bed. How hard is it really.
So the windows are closed for now. I turned on 2 burners on the stove to take chill of the house. And I lit my candles in all the rooms. The house smells so nice and spicy, flowery and rain scented. Candles are different in every room, so it's all mingling together. It really is smelling of fall.
Well, off here, heading outside to enjoy some of the crisp cool air and watch some of the leaves turn as I piddle around out there.

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  1. And we're running the AC as I type this! There are those that don't make their beds upon rising because of a belief that it's better to let the bedding air out.


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