Friday, July 29, 2011

Sweeet corn season, YUM

A co-worker/friend of Steve's gave us sweet corn from his field. First batch I did, I got 5 bags of corn for the freezer, plus we ate corn for supper that night.

The second batch of corn Steve went out and picked with him, I got 15 bags of corn to put in the freezer.

My corn is coming ready slowly, but the darn raccoon critters are feasting on it every night for their supper.

So glad I got what I did put in the freezer out of the friends planting this year. Last year, my corn mostly go destroyed by summer storm. This year the storm tried, but most of it stood up, or continued to lean and produce anyway.

Field corn mostly is up, some of the end rows got broken off, but just above the ear, so we are hoping they go ahead and fill out.


  1. I just purchased my first batch of sweetcorn today!! Great minds...
    Isn't it amazing how all the corn laid down after that wicked wind and a few days later sprung right back up? Soooooo cool!
    I've been thinking of you. Missed ya! Glad to see you back!

  2. Oh yum!!!! I am a corn-a-holic. I would be in heaven. looks so good!


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