Friday, July 29, 2011

Yellow, Red and Green

It's been a very hot July for most of the USA in 2011. The first half of the month, we got rain in our area, lots of rain. One storm dumped it so fast, it ran off and didn't sink in the ground, and I was able to work in the garden 2 days later.

My sunflowers make me happy as wander around the garden, they are the first things which greet me as I enter thru the gate.

Tomatoes tastes so good on BLT's fresh sliced still warm from the garden.

My pumpkins are turning orange. They are the little sugar pumpkins for making bread and pies and any other way pumpkin is enjoyed. I don't like pumpkin soups, so for our house, we will have plenty of pies and bread.

I am going to attempt some pumpkin butter, as I love apple butter, it may end up being very similar.

Cherry tomatoes are booming, I think I can pick them all that's ripe, and by the time I get the rest of my produce picked, the weeds hoed, and the grass pulled along the fence when needed, I can walk by those cherry tomato plants have at least another dozen ripe.

Cucumbers, tomatoes, summer squash, green peppers come home with me every visit. So the family enjoys lots of salads and summer squash cooked in different ways. Of course like many new dishes, some were a bust. lol

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