Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 15 Pictures of garden and update of storm damage.

My garden will survive the storm of 7/12/11.

I had to rescue some plants from the the mud, but they look like they will be fine now.

Most, not all, my corn is standing up. Others are leaning over, but will continue to grow.

Once the ears are ready to harvest, I will take the whole stalk out when I harvest it, so those laying on the ground and over into the other corn won't be a problem navigating the rows.

I worked in the garden Friday morning for 5 hours, getting it weeded, tomatoes tied to panels, picking green beans, summer squash, cucumbers, green peppers, and tomatoes, tied sunflowers to the fence, removing broken off leaves and stems, pulling plants out of the mud, and removing corn tops out of corn rows from the wind during the storm.

I still have so much to do, grass and weeds are growing along the outer side of the fence, and I need to get them before they get too big. Seems like this year has been hard to keep up with those area's, but having a toddler around when I use the weed whacker, isn't a good thing. She tends to want to help me. I do let her work in the garden pulling weeds, til she starts on the plants too.

Kiley has this fixation on flowers. She has to pick every one she sees. I don't mind a couple, but I would like some to draw in the bee's and butterflies to my garden.

I am disappointed that my strawberries didn't flower and bloom at all. This being the first year for them, I guess maybe they weren't suppose to. They sure are producing some nice runner plants. Hope to fill in where the other 23 plants didn't grow that I planted. Maybe next year I will have fruit from them.

My pumpkins and cantaloupe are showing I have some work cut out for me this fall when they are ready to eat/harvest. I sure hope my family is ready for pumpkin bread, pies and cookies this fall.

And fresh cantaloupe for breakfast every morning as well as the all day snacks will be going on too.

So glad the storm didn't do all that much damage after I assessed it days later. Field corn is standing up too, after taking the brunt of the wind and heavy heavy rain. Whewwww.........

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  1. Corn around here was lying flat on the ground. After about a week, it's all back to standing! Amazing! Didn't break so it just stood back up reaching for the sun. We are sooo drought stricken. The flash downpour ended up mostly run-off as it was soooo much so very fast.
    Strawberries will take a few years to start producing decently. Mine still don't and it's been several years. I get some, but not a ton yet. They sure like to spread though.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm just so burnt out and broke. We're finding enough to do this summer but it has to be cheap to free and close to home. I want a vacation!


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