Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Quiet House

Wow, oh WOW..........July 15th was last entry. I sure have some catching up to do.

Summer is winding down, finally the heat broke, and we are now enjoying natural/normal summer temps. FINALLY

I've been blessed with a very hardy garden thru the heat wave. God saw that my vegetables continued to grow and produce. Thank You GOD!!!

I know he answered my prayers for all the hard work I put into my garden. I am grateful and have thanked him over and over.
It amazes me the people who pray for help, but then don't do their part in helping God answer those prayers.

Sorry no more soap box in this journal post.

Sadly, I only got 25 ears of sweet corn off my over 100 plants. Guess you could say, I fed the raccoons, fattening them up for winter, ya know. They had a hay day in my sweet corn patch. Glad they enjoyed it, I enjoyed the little they left for me.

As you can see, I had a table full at times, of my veggies as they ripened. They were good also as we eat them at our meals. Sure has saved $$ money on the ole' grocery bill.

Best thing is, can't beat the homegrown taste better than to harvest and eat what your own hands have tended.

My cantaloupe was/is the sweetest tasting cantaloupe I have ever had. I have many more in my garden ripening, and will ripen over the next few weeks. By the looks of the little melons growing, I should have cantaloupe til frost. Yipppeeee............

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