Saturday, July 9, 2011

Garden Harvest Time for 2011

I have been eating fresh summer squash and cucumbers, added to my lettuce and radishes and green onions. The smaller the cucumber the crisper and better tasting they are.

Oh, there is nothing quite like the first tomatoes out of the garden. Steve and both had silly smiles on our faces as we ate our hamburgers with fresh sliced tomato out of my garden.
I ate the little cherry tomatoes in salad for lunch the nrxt day. And they were just as good.
Tomatoes are slow ripening, but they will pick up in the days to come.

Fresh canned french cut green beans are heading to my shelves. I have a total of 15 pints canned, and I only planted 2 rows, one 12 foot, and one 14 foot.
First picking was on July 4, then second picking was July 8. Not bad for a twice a week production. And they are still loaded with blooms.

No more store bought veggies for the summer. Now with tomatoes ripening, I am anticipating the sweet corn to get ready.
I think I am in heaven. God has blessed me with a bountiful garden, and in return, I am working it and keeping it weed free.

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