Thursday, July 7, 2011


I transplanted this spider plant into a bigger planter this spring when I moved it outside for the summer.

I sure did turn a deep green, and has the hardiest sprouts with babies growing from it.

My other spider plants are green with white stripes on the plant. This one is a baby from those.

Maybe I need to transplant all the others for more hardy plants.

I have a mother-in-laws tongue plant. Don't know the true name for it, but that's what it was called when I bought it 28 years ago.

I have seen pictures of them blooming, but never experienced one of mine bloom.

This summer, one of mine bloomed. I was so excited to see it's flower stalk.

It is a pretty small lily like flower opened. And during the sunny part of the day, they close, and open in late afternoon/evening. Another plant which goes out for the summer and in in winter.

My zinna's are finally sprouting out from the tall plants that looked spindly.

Guess all the rain we have gotten really got them growing.

I planted mixed color zinnia's and they sure are pretty colors as well as flower shapes.

I started the flowers in planters, but am transfering them to the ground, as the ones which I planted in the flower beds, they are all taller, hardier and more vibrant than the ones in the planter boxes.

And the squirrels left the soil planted ones alone, but dug every chance they got in my planter ones. Little buggers.

This calla lily is my pride and joy this year so far. It's like 3 years old, and this is first year for an actual lily to appear. So happy with this one, as it started white and turned light then medium pink, now it's almost purple.

I love bright beautiful colors.

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