Saturday, July 24, 2010

Darn tire.

Yesterday while mowing at farm, my mowers front tire started going flat after about an hour and half, Dave and I had most of the area mowed, I was finishing up the corner around the garden. I noticed the mower was turning hard and checked the tires, sure enough the front left one was going flat. That's the new one we just replaced too. So I headed to trailer, but the tire was flat too soon. I shut down the mower and walked up the drive to motion for Dave to come down to truck. We only had the area truck and trailer was parked by garden and then the west side of drive down fence line to go. We tried to air it up with portable air tank, but it was off rim enough that the portable tank didn't have enough pressure to inflate it. I turned the truck and trailer around to load it on the hill, but when tire wouldn't air up, I knew I would have to leave it for Steve to take off and bring home to fix. So I left the trailer and other mower too.

Steve stopped by farm and got 706 to bring home to work track for our antique tractor pull on Aug. 1, so he also took tire off mower and brought it home.
This morning he and I headed to farm to finish mowing and put my tire back on. While he was mowing the west side of roadway, again, he got stuck and I had to go pull him off road bank. I think he likes to see how far he can mow on the bank sideways so we have to pull him out. Last time we mowed together, I pulled him out like 4 times, and then hooked to his mower and let him mow the bank while I was on top of bank driving along so he didn't get stuck. Oh the things that man has me do. Hahahaha
He just called and he is mowing at track while I can green beans and now I have to run out there and give him a hand and take him something cold to drink. See, off on another mission, Lord only knows what this time. lol

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