Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kiley, Patches and a Green bean frencher.

Patches and Kiley were playing with Kiley's toys first thing this morning.
Kiley goes into living room and starts digging out toys from the baskets and Patches waits til she sees one she wants to play with then takes off with it. They share toys real well with each other.

Looks like today will be a "Kiley gets into
everything day, for she has brought me my nick knacks so far this morning. Of course when I go to take them from her, she turns and runs away from me with them, I have to chase her down. And Patches is the same way, she too runs when I go to take something she isn't suppose to have too.

Steve and I went to Rural King last night. I have been wanting to try french styling green beans and knew I had seen one at that store. We checked the stores locally for one, but none carried them here. I am anxious not to try it out. It's a tiny little thing. Hope I get the results I am looking for.

Well off I go, in hunt of the kid and the cat. No telling what they have found to get into together when they are so quiet.

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  1. Quiet usually means trouble...what'd they get into?


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