Wednesday, July 7, 2010

She said so Pa.

Enjoyed the day with Kiley on Monday. Steve and I picked up my mower from farm to fix front tire. He said I should watch closer for those twigs and larger fallen limbs, as the tires on the mowers are getting worn and old. LOL I punctured a hole in one, non fixable. At least I get a new tire for mine out of this flat, the others he just uses junk called slime or fix a flat.
When we got home, I put Kiley on the mower, and when Steve saw her, he asked her, "Who said you could play on mower?" She instantly pointed to me, as I was taking pictures of her on it. For 10 months old, she's a smart little thing. When she sees any tractor now, she points at it and says, "PaPa", then makes a humming sound. We tell her Papa's tractor and do the motor sound to her afterwards, so she has picked up what she thinks is the sound. Just too cute. Anyone with small children or grandchildren can relate, for as we teach the little ones, they just amaze us with their knowledge at such a young age. Raising 2 of our own, as they are grown, they still amaze us.


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