Friday, July 30, 2010

Healthy Dirt

Steve and I headed to farm to mow and pick ripened veggies from garden yesterday. Tomatoes are ripening fast now. I brought home about 4 gallon. 19 various sized cucumbers, 3 zucchini, and one dirty grand child.
Kiley had such fun exploring in the garden, all the green leaves and finding tomatoes in those leaves. I tried to keep her with me so I could keep things out of her mouth, as she is one of those children that anything and everything goes to mouth as soon as it is grasped. That was such a waste of time and energy. So I went about picking ripe vegetables and she went off in search of any corn cobs and dirt clods, or rocks she could find, including green plant leaves. I have to say, she isn't afraid to try anything on her plate, or anything out of the garden. For that matter, she isn't afraid to try anything.

When we got home, and K was cleaned up, I went thru my tomatoes and the ones which had split on the bottom of the bags, and those which had soft spots, I cleaned, cut up and made 2 pints sauce. Again this year, my tomatoes are making such deep red juice, that I really hate putting them into a cabinet for storage. It sure is pretty.

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  1. Can't remember where I read it recently, but a report about beneficial bacteria in dirt. So yeah, dirt is healthy!


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