Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter and somethings.

Spring rain storm here on Friday night. Some areas were hit with strong winds out in Kansas City area, luckily our area was spared those, but we did get rain, putting a damper on our plans to work outside preparing for gardening at the farm on Saturday. The sun did eventually shine, but we had enough breeze blowing, it ended up being a jacket kind of day.

Spent the morning straightening in little shed, putting up some winter items, getting more spring gardening tools together. Kids went to Dave's parents for the night and will have morning with them, then head to our house for dinner. Kiley loved her Easter basket , we gave her it before they left early afternoon. Can't wait to see her in her little Easter dress.

Our ghost guests have been ever present the last week, noisy, hot air spots. It may be God too, for he has been needed around here lately, I have talked to him constantly asking for advise and for him to give his hand in guidance. The "chair" has opened by itself 2 times this week, making me believe it's our ghosts, or guardian angels as I like to think of them.

My 3 year streak of not having a cold, has come to a stop this weekend. Stuffy nose, sneezing, water eyes, dry cough, tired feeling, fuzzy slow brain, type cold has hit me, and most of us in the house. I need to keep up with the cleaning and sanitizing of the house a little, for usually I am able to ward off what others have by doing the extra clean thing. I think I got mine from battling the runny nose which poor little Kiley had all week. So house will get thorough washing down this week to wash away the germs.

As I sit here tonight, Jade, one of the kids dogs I am dog sitting with while they are out of town is wanting me to go back to bed. I just sent her, telling her to go on without me, reluctantly she went, but she is very protective of me, and likes to be where ever I am. lol Border collies are very good dogs, that's what she is. Kids will pick them up tomorrow afternoon, and I will miss them when they are gone.

I have been watching the local free ad paper we get, looking for a kitten, for I am missing mine real bad now. Spring usually finds many barn cats having babies, and owners giving them away. They keep a few new ones at their farms, but share in the overstock, as I like to call them. lol One day I will see one I want and give it a loving home. I refuse to give $80 again to adopt one from humane society.

I pray for Easter blessing to be with each and everyone today. Feel the presence of the Lord God in your homes and your hearts, know God is ever present in your life and allow Him to guide you and protect you as you go about your days. Remember Jesus died for all of us, cleansing our souls for sins we commit, and lives on to guide us as we follow our paths in life. Amen

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  1. What happened to your kitten? Three years w/o a cold isn't bad.


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