Friday, April 23, 2010

Kiley VS Aunt Leslie

An old saying, "laughter is the best medicine", well I got my dose good and strong the other day, just watching Kiley and Aunt Leslie play hard. In the one picture with Leslie and the toy in her mouth, little Kiley is putting her mouth up to the toy and making a growling sound at Leslie. She decided to look at me as I took the picture, but I laughed so hard I had to go pee afterwards.
When Leslie gets down on the floor, Kiley screams and crawls real fast to her and then proceeds to crawl all over Leslie with the two of them giggling. Kiley has learned to climb, and now they play the game of putting stool in front of chair and Kiley climbs all the way up Leslie to the top of her head and sits on the back of the chair. My heart does flip flops at times when Kiley has her very active daring days. Guess I had forgotten how fearless my own two girls were at that age til I see things Kiley does now. Thank God for the digital camera.
Kiley will spend Saturday night with us this week. Melanie will drop her off to spend the day and night, then pick her up Sunday sometime. I figure the shopping I want Steve to do with me, she can go along with us. She likes to look at things, and if I forget to take a toy of hers for her to play with, I usually buy her a new one. I do have to watch Grandpa, he likes to pick out her a toy, but then he finds another one he likes, and another, and we come home with whatever he thinks she should have. I keep wondering why I buy her any toys at all. She would rather have an empty box or clothes basket to play with than her toys anyway.
She's 8 months old now. Time has sure flown by, when your having fun the time flies, so true. With the rain here this weekend, we will be inside with her and Grandpa can do some hard playing on the floor for a change and I get to giggle at the two of them go at it. Hope the bathroom stays free.

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  1. Cute post. Cute girls! Don't forget to put TP on the list for shopping ;)

    Oh, and the spiders live in the lawn. They have been webbing my lawn, the bushes, the fence and anything else around the house. It's kinda creepy, kinda cool! As long as they're outside, I'm okay with it!


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