Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another day, more progress.

Busy week planning out layout, placing fence, building fence, tilling garden, and planting garden. The first picture is fence laying along topside of garden area, second picture is of north end beginning of fence, third picture is of tractor and disk, front tire off, the last picture is the fence I had to get and the tire that had to be patched.
So far I have potatoes, onions, carrots, radishes, lettuce, corn, spinach and green beans planted. Now I have to get some more chicken wire to go around fence to keep small animals out and then I can plant my tomatoes and green peppers more corn, and ready some more soil for later planting for later harvest. I have grass seed to plant around the outside edges of fence to keep the soil from washing out so bad during rains.
Last week when I purchased the peet moss to add to soil, I got it on 10% off Tuesday, hoping to hit Farm & Home again for % off items as I finish getting all the things I need. This will be our permanent place for garden. This is only the 2nd year of gardening on our land, last year was test to see how things would grow, grew great, so this year Steve said to pick spot where I wanted my garden plot and I chose the far south east corner area of the 42 acres we have. Above on the hill, someday, we will build our retirement home and shed.
For now, I camp out beside my truck during the daytime while I work my garden, with my lawn chair for rest periods, my radio blaring, I must be the loudest gardener around, and my cooler of drink and lunch, truck filled with purchases, and garden tools needed. It will take several more weeks for me to get things all lined out and much of the things done, but I am having fun, non stressing days as I take my time working on it.
Each row of vegetables will have a different kind of flower at the end of it. I should have a colorful garden when it gets up and blooms and everything is growing.
There seems to be a breeze blowing most days, so I have plastic shopping bags tied to fence to help ward off animals and birds, as they flutter and flop along the fence lines. We will see how that works, I may have to get aluminum pans to hang out too.
So this has been a busy week for me. Next installment to come is my laughing husband as he stared down my crooked fence line and odd layout for garden area.
Oh, I am suffering from hives from the sun, I have awful bumps, blisters and itch bad on my arms. Sunscreen is soaking into me by the ounces, but hives still popping out. I also got a small patch of poison ivy on arm too. So it's covered in calamine lotion. Got that while I worked in the wood we cut and the brush I picked up to haul to washout. lol I am a mess, but it's enjoyable for me to be able to get out of the house and work. Suppers are eaten between 8 and 9:30 every night. Depends on what time I get home and get them ready. So simple meals are a must around this time of year.


  1. Oh Laura! What fun! Thanks for sharing and I wondered if that was a bag stuck on the fence. Now I know it was intentional! I commented on your comments at my blog. Keep having fun! Does zinc oxide give better protection for you from the sun?

  2. You are getting so much done! When you have finished I do invite you up here to motivate me.


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