Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy but great day at the farm

Spring clean up at farm started today. Grass was tall, got it mowed, trimmed low hanging branches from trees along drive, cut fallen trees into firewood pieces, hauled debri to wash out area hoping to stop the errosion process, and admired the view along with the wind and warmth, and peace and quiet. Checked thw W-6 for mice nest around radiator and under hood of motor, so far looks like they didn't set up house in it for winter.
Friend of ours had mice nest in his big tractor's breather, so it wouldn't run when he tried to start it to use in the field, so Steve went over and looked it over and found them, removed them and tractor is running great.
Leslie helped mow today, she got sunburnt. So now I have a whiney 26 year old, Melanie and Kiley brought us up lunch, Melanie told Leslie she got sunburnt too, but Leslie said she wasn't as red as Les is. M and K were only with us for couple hours tho. Leslie stayed with me til we had to go take Steve his truck to SD's Kane farm so he could come home late, then Les took me back to farm and went on home. I finished up, loaded the mowers, left the wagon up there for the night, took stock for mental list of what else needs done over the next few weeks, and headed home for shower and nice glass of tea, and comfy chair.
Kiley is spending the night, as kids went to movie and dinner. She had herself a very cleansing fit for us, cried it all out I guess, then played in playpen in my room while I read, then she sung for a minute, and fell asleep. During her fit time, she wanted nothing to do with any of us, but yet she wanted us to hold her, then she didn't want down, she'd crawl around and bury her face in blanket on floor and cry, we'd hold her, she'd cry, we'd try to give her a bottle, she'd cry, she just had to get it out of her system, then she was a happy baby and went to sleep on her own. Go figure, PMS in early stage?
I will head to farm in morning for another day working there, kids will pick up Kiley who will stay with Leslie at home, Steve will go to Kane farm and work ground for his friend SD. I just love staying busy when the weather is so beautiful. Didn't get any garden planted, or worked. Steve did bring disk to farm from pull track in our town. So it's ready to be used to break up the soil so I can till it fine with tiller. Looking forward to gardening so much.

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  1. Busy beaver! Love the picture of the kissing tractors!


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