Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday a beautiful spring day.

Today seems like the day to catch up a little on my blogging. I think maybe spring fever caught up with me and put me down in the dumps a little bit. Then of course there is the fact that I have house guests for a few weeks, which they really don't keep me from blogging, but I have found that my time is spent more doing little things around the house which I was able to keep done up before with just us here. It is really nice to have someone to talk with during the day, and to help out when I need it, I just have to learn to share the duties, for my cousin is so willing to help with anything, but I just keep saying I got it.
They both got jobs and are working, I hope they are happy staying here. I don't entertain them really, they have accesss to the living room and all it offers, big screen TV, nintendo, they hooked their WII up and they play it. We let them have their privacy, and share visiting when we feel the need to visit. So far their place isn't ready, and they aren't sure how long it will take to get it livable when they do get it. They have to get the nephew moved out of it and into his new place before they can even think of moving in. lol
I am so happy they are going to be so close the us now. For years they have lived far enough away that it made visiting hard, then when we did visit, time wasn't long enough, and we were back on road heading home. Now they will be about 10 minutes away.
This week, the weather moved into our area, bringing with it true spring air. Today alone, it is in the 80's and brings on a good sweat while working outside in it. I had sweat balls in my eyes as I emptied the trailer into the bed of the truck, the wood and limbs and stuff from cleaning out one side of the shed Monday. Dave come over and helped me. We do good work together, he and I. He said he learned some things, and I enjoy teaching him, hands on is the way he is learning from me.
Little Kiley is getting around so good, too good, she's giving Grandma a run for her money here. I can sit her down, and turn my back, and the little thing is gone before I turn back around. lol She likes the bathroom, for she loves a bath. So she is always in front of the tub, and laughs when I find her there. She also is standing up to everthings she can pull herself up to. I look for her to walk early, and if she doesn't I will be totally suprised. She's trying to cut teeth, and the sore gums are really giving her a bad time. I have taken some of the harder toys away from her, for she cried everytime she would bite on one of those. Now she has her softer toys to chew on. Not as many tears. I am seeking teething remedies that might ease her into getting them in with not as much pain.
Well, she's up and about now, so I have to go play.

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  1. Nice to see another post! I'm boiling eggs for sons ps party tomorrow and forgot about them the first time, so they boiled away until they popped! Round two is going, with a timer. DUH!


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