Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Freedom of Choice

Spring is definitely here. The nights may get cool from time to time, but watching all the animals and birds return is a sure sign spring has sprung.
Today, I trimmed some low hanging branches off the tree just outside our back door. With the trimmings, I use a pair of pruners to cut down the larger limbs for disposal. As I was cutting up my trimmings, I was noticing how long some of the new sprouts were. It's evident spring has sprung for the trees, and it sprung weeks ago with the length and amount of green budded growth on those limbs.
My, where ever the birds vacationed for winter, was plentiful for food. They have all come back plump determined. I am still welding my broom and chasing those 2 turtle doves out of our shed. They are very persistent, they have decided they will make their nest on the hanging ladder whether I like it or not, and I am determined they won't. The battle is on, and I intend to be the winner, unless one of the neighbors think I should be carted away because I run around with my broom in the air yelling "Shoo, get out of here, no your not nesting here, damn birds anyway", are just a few of the things they may have heard me telling the birds, as my bright yellow broom swings in the air. I have also had an audience of fat robins, crows, sparrows, and squirrels watching me on my quest to run the turtle doves to new area for setting up house for the spring.
Today I planted all the flower bulbs I have purchased so far. I am looking forward to watching them grow and producing lovely flowers for me this summer. I am so enjoying my daffodil blossoms, bright yellow against the vivid green of the leaves. Color is finally back into outside, the gray of winter is long gone. Today was almost "warm" with the sun shining down upon me as I stared up at it contemplating what limbs needed trimming and what ones were going to be left to grow my shade for summer.
The kids are still haggling with lender on the kind of loan they want for their house purchase. I keep throwing out hints of questions to ask, I can only hope they listen and ask and get answers and look ahead into the future before they sign on that dotted line.
Kiley will be here in a couple hours, so I better get myself a little more sleep before the day begins. She is quite the bright child. Today her words of the day were PaPaPa, and Bubub. So Grandpa and bye bye were on her mind. I love teaching her to talk, as she pronounces some letters, she then goes a mile a minute in her babbling baby talk. I agree with her sometimes, others I ask her if that's really true, or if I can change her mind on that thought, she tends to frown when I start to question her. Is it written somewhere that adults aren't suppose to question what babies are talking about? LOL I missed that rule somewhere along the line.
Dear God, I pray you watch over all those I love, keep them safe, walk beside them, and most of all make them feel your presence so they are reminded to live for you, love with all their heart and make you first and last thoughts of the day. In Jesus' name, AMEN

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