Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kiley Growing so fast

Kiley sure is growing up fast. Here she is just 6 months old. She crawls everywhere now. Has arms like an octopus, into something just as you get her out of the first thing she was into. We have so much fun together playing, and she loves going outside.

I shutter to think that in a few months, she will be walking too. I will really have my hands full then while babysitting her daily. She has a temper when she gets tired, and her Mom and Dad say I am only one who can handle her when she gets like that. I keep telling them, they are her parents, they need to set limits on how much to allow that fit throwing to go on. I have set mine with her, and she knows them. I hope they will get the hang of it before long, Grandma can't always be available to calm her down.

I do love teaching her things, and she is very attentive when I show her something, like hitting the floor with a toy, she will then take the toy and hit the floor also. When I talk to her, she watches my mouth, and some letters she makes the mouth movements of after me, and she has picked up on some words too. She loves music, and has her own little baby singing as I sing to her while she lays her head on my shoulder. For me, it brings back the memories of my own little girls as they were young. But with Grandparenthood, the knowledge that we won't be around forever is ever present, so making those special memories is more important now than when I was a young mother. It's that "wish I knew then, what I know now" eye opener. One of the reasons behind this blog, is to record what I think the family will enjoy reading for years to come, and I really wish I had did this 25 years ago, when those events were happening and fresh in my mind.

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