Friday, March 5, 2010

Watching Kiley Grow

It's really a little girl under that hat. She is only 5 months old in this picture. Being a hat lover like her Dad, I dug out one of many Papa has collected over the years just for her.
A very active little one, makes Mawmaw tired at the end of the day from chasing her around the rooms while she is here while her parents work. I am having a blast with her, she learns so fast and picks up on things shown to her. Every morning now, she waves her side to side bye bye to her Mom when I tell her to tell Mommy bye bye. I also add that "Mommy is going to work to earn some money to buy her some toys." Gets a smile out of her every time. As she gets bigger, she gets to be more of a handful. I look forward to the mornings when she and I can get outside and play in the dirt. I bought her a small set of garden tools so she can play with me, will I regret that purchase soon? We'll see. For now we get outside in the late afternoons while it's warmest out and walk around the yard and driveway, her in stroller, enjoying the ride. I do tell her, one day she can push Grandma around for outside rides. I just pray that is years and years away.
My whole days have been re-arranged since she is active now. I used to have time for me during the day, now that me time is looking forward to a nap with her on days when I can manage to let things go for a few minutes. She loves her Grandma naps. I do too when she sleeps longer than her required 15 to 20 minutes at a time.
With spring approaching fast, I want to spend more time outside, but leaving her in is out of the equation, so we look out the windows and doors often with longing in our eyes to be out there. I think we will pitch the tent when it's warmer, just to let her play out in, but keep her confined and away from the road while I am busy. Being my luck with this brain child, she will learn too fast how to unzip the tent and be at my side before I know it. lol But I am hoping she will be able to nap out there while I work when she gets tired, yet safe from bugs and sun. It' s not like we use the tent anymore for camping, we upgraded to motels when we travel. So will get some use letting her have a playhouse of sorts.
She's on her way over, so better get posted and off here before she gets here, or else puter will stay on all day waiting for me to return.


  1. What a little doll! So glad you're getting quality one-on-one with the little one :)

  2. Does she sit up that well all on her own? Most kids I know are still super wobbly for a few months more.


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