Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kiley is moving, Kids will be neighbors with us.

Our little granddaughter is growing up fast. She loves tools and found this tractor to play with. She has all her baby toys just across the room, but she chose to get this one from the corner out of her reach, or so we thought. Grandpa cleans the small wrenches and lets her play with them while he works with the bigger ones. She loves the time "helping" him. She even tries to get the pliers from his pouch when she gets him on the floor.
She is crawling all over now, and won't be long til she will be up walking and running.
Melanie called last night and said she is trying to pull up to stand at boxes as she packs. They are packing things up for their move in a month. They found a house they like, and contracted on it, now the wait for the financing to be done so they can get moved. Don't know how long it will take for present owners to move, but kids are hoping for April 30th, to be able to get moved in. Won't take long to move them, it's just across town. Actually they will be only 3 blocks from us when they get moved. The house is right behind a city park, and just down the street from us. DQ is just across the street from them too, and 2 blocks from us, so I see many lunch dates being spent there. lol Many changes coming this spring, good ones at that.

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  1. She's so cute! You must love spending time with her!


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