Sunday, April 24, 2011

First Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday Easter Egg hunt at Jerseyville Manor.

I took Kiley to her mom's work for their annual

Easter Egg hunt. They parked the residents in front

of the windows, so they can watch the children.

Normally, the residents would be allowed outside

in the garden court to watch, but the cool damp

sprinkling of rain would be too cold for the older

folks. Kiley was the only child to go up to the

window and wave at the residents watching.

She waved, blew them kisses, and showed them

her eggs she found under their window.

After the hunt began for her, she got so

excited with every egg, she did her little

stand and scream thing she does. Oops,

she is allowed to be vocal here and at home,

guess we should start toning it down for out

in public.

She found about 2 dozen eggs, and out of 3

size eggs, Kiley found one of them.

She got a prize bag, filled with candy,

and a bottle of bubbles. How fitting as

she has been introduced to bubbles and

loves them.

So glad to have been able to attend her

first Easter Egg hunt and watch how much

fun she had, and how entertaining she was

to the residents.

Happy Easter Kiley.

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  1. That is just the sweetest! I'm glad she had fun and am more than thrilled to hear that this home for the elderly holds such a wonderful event. The residents must have been feeling quite blissful.


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