Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hello God

Hello God,

I must sound like a broken record by now.

2011 has found me praying so often for better

weather, less snow, warmer temps, sun shine,

and lately less rain, shelter from storms.

So, I will begin this prayer with a big

THANK YOU GOD, for watching over

us once again, during the last batch

of storms to move across the USA in

our area, for keeping us safe from the

destruction many others suffered in that

storm. Thank you for sparing the lives

of those whose homes were destroyed.

Please Lord, shine your sun on us today,

dry the soil, so we may plant our seeds

and rejoice in new growth from your earth.

Please lead me thru the day, show me

what I should be seeing and doing.

Give me strength and guidance, what you

have in store for me today. In Jesus' name

I pray. Amen

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