Friday, October 29, 2010

Boo, See me now?

Be cautious driving, especially this time of year. Hunting season makes the deer move even more than usual.

A deer tried to beat the odds of crossing the road in the beams of my headlights Sunday night. Only to find a startled driver when I suddenly saw a tan/brown slim necked deer slam into the front of my truck.

I have been driving a lot of years now, and this was my first experience in it happening to me. I didn't know whether to curse the deer for the fender bender, or feel sorry for it lost it's life.
God guided me thru it, for I was not hurt and was able to drive on home.
$2000 damage, but fixable, and hopefully it won't happen again. After 11 1/2 years of owning my truck, God has seen to keep me safe and accident free all this time. Monday morning at 8am, I will drop off my truck at Ford dealership here in town, and they will do all repairs. I made appointment on Wed. and they pulled the bumper back from tire so I could get door open and drive it if needed. Right turns were putting tire into bumper, left turns were fine, and now I don't have to climb across from passenger side to enter either.
Hopefully with in a week, I will have it back. Not looking forward to the loaner car. Maybe I can talk them into a truck loaner.

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