Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Garden

This is the look of my fall garden. Holly hocks and green peppers are the only things left which I planted. I do have some volunteer lettuce come up, scattered around where I took the seeded plants out. I can pick it to eat as it grows before

frost hits it. We also had a volunteer potato plant come up in the area where the potato crop was planted which didn't come up in the spring. We went ahead and dug it up to see if there was any potatoes on it. It had 2 small ones. So we brought them home and I fixed them in with baby reds for supper.
I do have some weeds trying to take hold, but as soon as Steve gets the disk hooked up to W-6, he is going to disk under the top soil for the winter. That will take care of any of those weeds.
Steve is still working in the evenings to help get harvest out of the fields. Many farmers are done, but we are not yet. Price of corn and beans have risen over the last weeks and may go even higher. Prices for today's close is at 5.19 corn and 11.43 for beans. End of week will depend on crop brought in thru the week. We shall see how it holds, steady or drop.

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  1. Gardening season's over. Bitter sweet, eh? Give the ol' back a break, but no more fresh goods from the garden. I really love gardening but my body doesn't allow for much. I do what I can though.


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