Monday, August 29, 2011

August things.

Ending the month of August with some pictures of Kiley's 2nd birthday.

Yes the little K-ster is growing up fast.

She was the best little party person. She went around to each person, several times in fact, and talked and played with us all. She said her Thank yous, and blew out her own candle.

She loved present she got.

Opened them all by herself, and exclaimed over each one.

She entertained us all with her new microphone, and shared her rides with her Dad.

They even had a race, her on her new Quad and Daddy on the older Jeep.

Kiley won the race, as Dad's rides battery was low.

She looked at every card, and just had a blast of a day for her big 2nd birthday.

She loved her new table and chair set, making use of it to open her presents.

Her new wheels.

I will have to post the pictures of the race and how she graciously ended her win.

1 comment:

  1. What a doll! And what manners! Acknowledging every card. Princess for sure. Glad she had such a good birthday.
    Yup. They sure grow fast.


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