Monday, February 25, 2013

More rain and snow

Tonight they predict heavy rain coming after 11PM,  then by morning,  turning to heavy wet snow.  Wonderful news,  as we still need the rains and snow for the soil and water tables,  lakes,  rivers,  etc. 
Yesterday, Kiley got to go sledding again.  The snow is melting fast that we had,  but it was still good for an afternoon of playing out in it.  Got the golf cart out and tied the sled behind it and around and around the yard she went,  giggling the whole time. 
Today as I surfed the sites I follow,  the day of complaining just got to me.  It must be a very unhappy life being so negative daily about little things,  and complaining daily gets so old to read day after day.  I used to comment on such daily's,  but now I just shake my head and look for positive posts to read.  Life is too short and precious to live in a hateful,  foulmouthed world of negativity,.  looking for something,  everything to find fault in.  Aren't those people afraid of Karma? 
Enough of that.
The day had been warm and sunny.  Starting to cloud up now.  I am so looking forward to being able to enjoy warm spring time weather coming in the next few weeks.  For now,  we will enjoy the cold and snow.  Daffodils are growing taller everyday,  and soon they will bloom lovely yellow flowers for me to enjoy seeing.  Color will be back in daily sight before we know it.  Praying I will be able to see it and work the soil to add to the beauty of nature around my area.  Never know what tomorrow brings,  so staying ready for anything.   

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