Sunday, February 5, 2012


Steve and Dave and Devon (Dave's brother) helped our friend clean out a shed at his farm. They were scraping out junk, and the boys found these in the shed, and thought of me.

Dave knows I like old things like this. And our friend said if they found anything they wanted, they could have it. So I got gifts, and it wasn't a holiday or birthday or any special occasion. I so love my son in law.

The wagon wheels will be wire brushed and painted. The kettle will be washed and then determined what metal it is, and polished up, the stand will be painted. Not sure what I will put in the kettle, but I am sure I can find something.

The other scrapes were loaded into our F-700 and taken to the scrap yard and sold.

Hoping with the rain that was in the truck when we went to the scrap yard helped weigh the truck heavier. It sure poured out of it going down the road. Was a rainy, dreary day, but what better way to spend the day otherwise.

The wagon wheels will be used in our farm entrance landscaping. Our farm logo sign will look real nice nestled in with the wheels. Gotta love freebies and old antiques.

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