Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jan. 12 - Finally some winter weather

Our first real snow fall is here today. It's been such a mild winter for our area, and yesterday I worked outside most of the day, trimming bushes, raking leaves ( a never ending job this fall/winter as the leaves have been so slow to fall from the trees ), cutting back the mums, cleaning up lilac bushes. Imagine my surprise when I found Daffodils, mums, and live forevers growing in my flower beds. Yes, I have spring buds and flowers growing in January. What a weird weather we are having.
We haven't had a freeze yet to the ground either. Just hard frosts, which didn't put to sleep all the folige and greens here. hhuuummm
Haven't been socialable lately. Menopause suckes. If only we women could box up our bodies and have a forced air fan installed, we could heat 2 rooms at least in our homes in the coldest part of winter. It's really miserable. :/

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