Sunday, February 5, 2012

She loves the outdoors.

Took advantage of a really nice day on Monday to head to the farm just to get out of the house and town.
I knew it was muddy, but figured if we stayed to the grassy areas, we could get a nice little walk in.
Instead of staying in the grass beside me, Kiley decided to venture into the water standing mud puddle in the roadway by our shed.

She got stuck in the mud, was yelling, "Help, help.." I started out into the mud hole to get her, but she looked so cute, I laughed and grabbed the camera from my pocket and started taking pictures of her.
She got herself un-stuck, and then just started walking back and forth in the mud.

She even stopped a couple times to lean over to try and wipe the mud off the toe of her boots, then flipped her hands trying to get the mud off them.
She finally gave up, and just walked around in it. She them fell into the mud on her knees first, got up and fell on her behind.
The wind was blowing and it was too cool to hang out with her wet and muddy.

But she wasn't ready to leave just yet. So she started running away from me. Wrong thing to do, as that mud was very slippery. She fell several times, and each time she got up, she just giggled that much louder and longer.
Finally I called a halt to her fun. Waded in the mud, grabbed her hood, and lead her to the truck, where Leslie and I took off her wet muddy boots and clothes on the tail gate of the truck.

We also used a jug of water that we have for washing hands, watering with, filling tractor radiators, of just washing off our boots, etc.. Thing is, it had ice crystals in it still from our last cold snap. So she sort of got an ice water washing too. She never complained, she just kept giggling and wanting to go play more in the mud. Good thing I take extra clothes, shoes and coats when we go to the farm, cause that kid can sure get dirty.

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  1. She looks so cute! How fun is that!!!??? Love the pics!


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