Monday, December 19, 2011

Playing catch up in Blog-land #1 Kiley Halloween

Kiley dressed as Minnie Mouse for Halloween 2011. Weather was nice, so her costume wasn't covered with a coat.

Steve and Aunt Leslie took her around to some neighbor's and friends houses. I stayed home to give candy out to our Trick or Treat-ers.

When they got home, Kiley took over giving candy out to other kids. She had a blast.

A couple times she even went out on the porch and hugged the little/r than her. It was so much fun watching her this year, and hearing her tell everyone Happy Halloween.

Matter of fact, she still tells people Happy Halloween when we are out to eat or shopping. We taught her Happy Thanksgiving, but she stuck with Happy Turkey Day...........gobble gobble gobble..........Aren't 2 year olds just the neatest start to little individuals. I think we are for sure going to keep her...........:)

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  1. How adorable!! She wasn't scared of any costumes at the door? Brave little one!


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