Monday, July 28, 2014

Will this make it to publish???

I can't count the times I have sat down in front of this blog and didn't have a thing to say,  yet my head is full of thoughts,  things we have done,  things that have happened,  etc.....

We are harvesting from our garden.  I have been canning and freezing. 
Been tractor pulling this summer. 
Enjoying our grand daughter.  She starts K in a few weeks.  Where has time gone?  She will turn 5 next month.  She's very smart and grown up.  Just WOW. 

Kids are in the works on buying a home.  Looking forward to getting them moved into their home,  not a rented house. 

Crops look great.  Hearing the market will be low this year.  Yeah,  try to get ahead and pray for the best,  it's gone before we get it,  due to Stock market Suits. 

Hope I can get back this recording of daily or weekly things that we may need to know or want to know later in weeks,  months or years. 

I have come to the conclusion,  life has changed and I have to change with it.  Oh,  Leslie,  I miss you so much.    

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