Friday, August 9, 2013

August 9, 2013

Summer sure wasn't long,  even though the calendar says summer still,  the weather isn't summer except for the humidity. 
Garden is still producing,  not as well as in hotter summers,  but this year at least we have gotten rain,  natures watering to keep things growing. 
Been canning green beans,  making tomato sauce,  freezing zucchini,  making zucchini bread,  eating cucumbers,  eating summer squash,  freezing summer squash,  eating green peppers,  onions,  and praying for carrots soon.  Watching and waiting for cantalope and watermelon to ripen,  as there are many of those on the vines.  Nothing like fresh grown vegetables and fruits. 

I am still so lost.  In my head I know life will be different from what was,  but my heart still hurts so much.  Leslie,  I miss you so much.  

In my Attic

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