Friday, July 5, 2013

Just some tidbits

Been doing fun summer stuff.  Weeding garden,  mowing lawn and farm,  weeding garden,  keeping flower beds cleaned,  cleaning house,  weeding garden,  trying to get our sweet corn patch weeded,  and harvesting my first green pepper,  some green onions,  and our first official tomato,  and weeding garden.  Did I mention weeding the garden?  At least I am not having to deal with knee high weeds since I am keeping it cleaned.  I had a massive amount of strawberries this year.  Finally gave lots away so they wouldn't go to waste.  Gearing up to get the energy to dig up some starter plants and till and clean the old area of strawberries and make the new bed for next year.  I am definitely down sizing the rows this year and having less to pick next year,  and also,  I am going to cut the runners as they grow this year.  Last year I let them go,  it was just too hot to work much in the garden last year.  So since God blessed us with rain this year and so far good looking crops,  it's much easier to work out in the garden and enjoy the nature all around me. 
Tractor pull season is upon us,  so pulling is fun.  Our county Fair starts this weekend,  so that should be a nice time watching Kiley enjoy the events and rides. 
As I watched the fireworks this year,  I kept thinking of Leslie,  and smiling cause I know she had to have been watching them from above.  Got through her birth date with lots of tears and good memories of the day she was born.  Steve and I sure do miss her,  her humor,  sarcasm,  and especially her laughter.  Just so many feelings and emotions to deal with,  and wonder how long the pain will feel so fresh?  Maybe forever. 
Melanie is being so strong for us,  doing everything she can to console and help us thru this,  and then dealing with the loss of her sister herself.  She is such a good daughter,  and I hope I tell her enough how much I love her and appreciate her. 
God is good at holding us in his hands,  and everyday I try to thank Him for his love and support. 

In my Attic

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