Monday, June 17, 2013

2013 Crops/Garden

Finally got the crops in and the rest of the garden planted.  We prayed for rain last summer,  God answered our prayers this spring.  So far,  the corn come up within 6 days of planting,  and the things that got planted here and there time wise in the garden are doing very well.  Had such a bad luck year last year with most everything but tomatoes and melons.  This year,  we are hoping to be able to put up many jars of canned goodies for the winter months.
 My strawberry crop this year was so abundant that we offered to our friends and family to come pick-free strawberries,  and they took us up on the offer,  so I am happy to announce my berries didn't go to waste.  Happy so many love them like we do.  I froze many of the ones I picked,  and we ate Strawberry shortcake every day/night for over 2 weeks.  Switching desserts for a while now. 
Gearing up for our first antique tractor pull of the season this coming Sunday,  as it's our rain out date to make up from June 2 cancellation.  Hope the weather cooperates and we can get this pull off without a hitch. 
Farm counties fair is this week.  May get up to it one or two nights to enjoy some events,  and take Kiley to ride some of the rides.  We haven't found anything so far she doesn't enjoy doing and seeing,  so this will be another memory maker watching her take in new adventures.  The circus was such a hit,  she is so into animals,  I love her interest in them. 
Life is never going to be normal again,  but we are hanging in here,  making the best of life as we can.  Miss you so much Leslie,  99 days today.  Your still and will always be in our hearts,  your life in our heads and your absence grows in bounds at times.  God has you now,  our love to you,  forever and always. 

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