Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kiley's visit to the Circus

The circus come to town and it didn't rain. Most unusual year for, shall we call them, traditions. Oh also, it was not hot and humid for the Circus animals and participants either. It was a beautiful day/evening, everyone was out and about, sharing with the children all and more to enjoy this year.
We took our girls when they were elementary ages. All the acts were in a tent, the stench, heat and humidity, well, lets say the Circus went on without us after a couple visits. So when we went this year, we expected more of the same, but NO, the event over the years has been vamped up, new Circus all together, and I think they said they were from Australia, and quite the act they put on .
I just can't fathom being the snake girl. She'd drape that snake right around her shoulders like we would a winter scarf. People lined up for the kids and adults to get their pictures taken with it around them. I saved our ten bucks, we didn't get any closer than this picture to that area.
Kiley liked seeing the Elephants. By the time we got to the circus, the one Elephant was holding it's back leg up or over the other foot, and they let it rest in the center of the area, and went and got another one and took this one to the shade and watering/eating/holding area under the grandstand. After watching the other kids and adults ride, Kiley decided she only wanted to ride the ponies.
She loved the pony ride. Held on all by herself, and when she got off it, she now wants a pony of her own.
The Circus only comes to town one time per year, for the one evening. The very next day when she got to my house, she wanted to "let's go to the circus again, Maw maw".

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