Sunday, January 19, 2014

Christmas 2013 - 1

Christmas come,  Christmas went. 
Many nice gifts for all of us.
Kiley made out like on a gold strike.
She made us all laugh with her "just what I always wanted.."
2014 is here,  whether I wanted it to get here or not.
Still going through the motions daily.
Kiley keeps me going,  being here daily,  while
her parents work.
Melanie graduated in Dec.  She now awaits
her test for her license/certificate as an OT.
Life is a whole new journey.
I feel too old to start all over.
God is leading me forward.

In my Attic

What you are about to read is things from my life in the real world as well as thoughts from my attic.
Attic: Storage space at the top of my head.
Some things will be just off the top of my head too. Beware, no view warnings will appear on posts. Enter my blog at your own risk.