Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall 2013

It's been a different kind of summer.  Now we are awaiting corn to dry so we can harvest.  Rain moved into our area yesterday,  so the waiting continues. 
My garden was a success this year.  I canned and froze veggies for the winter.  We just got the garden done for the winter.  Fresh cow manure added this year.  We just beat the rain too,  so hopefully the soil will soak up the much needed moisture.  Our area is in a drought this fall.  Summer wasn't too hot,  but we got the heat in late Aug. thru Sept.  My was that ever a long 4 weeks of heat in the 90's and 100's.  Makes us wonder what winter will bring our way.

Life hasn't been the same since spring.  It will never be the same without our Leslie.  At least I have visits from her and I hear her talk to me still.  Yes,  I talk to her everyday at some point.  Thinking I may need to write them to help deal with this grief.  We shall see how journaling then goes first. 

We have had so much fun watching and helping shape our little Kiley into a wonderful,  smart,  and funny kid.  Life without her right now would be soooo lonely.  Melanie and Dave are doing a wonderful job being terrific parents.  They are dressing up for Halloween with her.  Batman family.  Love it. 

Well,  I am still trying to get back into this blogging that I once so loved to do.  Even though it's really only me who reads it,  at least I can read back and see what life has been like around here. 

In my Attic

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